Awataha Development

In the late 1980s the concept of the Awataha Marae complex was devised. It was proposed that Awataha will include the following:

Whare Whakairo (Carved Meeting House)
Centre for traditional ceremonial activities, decorated with the finest Māori arts and crafts, with accommodation for 150 sleeping adults.
Whare Kai (Dining Hall)
A centre for conferences, concerts and all general social activities with catering facilities for 300 eating adults.
Kokiri (House of learning)
  • Skills centre for teaching traditional arts and crafts using both traditional Māori and modern materials. Arts and crafts will include: tukutuku (lattice work), taniko (weaving), raranga kete, whatu whariki (the working of flax), Māori jewellery made from bone, stone and wood.
  • A creative centre for all visual expressive arts such as painting, drama, poetry and creation of audio-visual aids for teaching of Māoritanga elsewhere in the country.
  • Work experience centre where vocational skills could be taught.
  • Kohanga reo a pre-school centre where young New Zealanders could enjoy an environment enriched with Māori and European cultures.
  • A tourist centre for displayng arts and crafts.
  • A marae enterprise where the best quality articles made on the marae could be sold.
  • A centre for the integration of all school and youth programmes of culture, arts and crafts on Auckland's North Shore.
Wāhi Whakatupu Rākau (Plant Nursery)
  • For the identification and propagation of tree and ferns for the marae nature park.
  • To provide natural materials for the Kokiri programmes.
  • To provide trees and ferns to schools, groups and societies interested in native plants.
Ngahere Takahanga (Nature Park)
  • To provide a natural environment for the marae.
  • To provide aesthetically pleasing access to the manmade structures of the marae complex for participants and visitors.
  • To provide shelter for the marae from neighbouring residential area.
  • To beautify this part of the Northcote Borough.
Kainga kaumatua (Housing for the elderly)
  • To keep the marae warm and secure.
  • To pass on wisdom and knowledge of Māoritanga to all interested New Zealanders and visitors.
  • To act as tangata-whenua when appropriate.
Local housing for complex workers, groundsman, cleaners and park attendants.

Cultural Experiences
Events and Conference Venue
Specialty Library
Education Provider
Health Provider
Urban Marae
Awataha Marae is based on the North Shore in Auckland.  We exist to help people realise their potential and to bring together people of all cultures. Kotahitanga encompasses all we stand for - we invite you to join us.
Awataha Marae
58 Akoranga Drive
North Shore City  0627
Ph. (09) 486 5467